getting my cubox-i4-pro up and running

So I got my Cubox-i4-Pro. The hardware was a piece of cake. Getting a useful distribution was another matter. I installed, or tried to install, Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian, Arch and Android. I wish Linux Mint was available for the ARM processor. Mint just has most of what I need out of the box. The Ubuntu installer is way old, version 11.10. I immediately tried updating the system which killed it. The Debian installer was mapped to the British keyboard, did not have the resolv.conf file properly set up and did not have anything in the /etc/network/interfaces file, and it came with XFCE (which looks like Windows 95, or at least, Windows 2000). Arch had way too many problems (i.e. – documentation). While it was easy enough to get Android installed, I would have had to have gone through hoops to make it a useful OS. So I went back to the Ubuntu installer, denied requests to update for a few minutes, after all the requests to update were under control I was able to turn off updates, then uninstalled the update manager, removed the Ubuntu Software Center (the Lubuntu Software Center doesn’t seem to work), reverted to classic Gnome, turned off overlay scrollbars, but despite that, it is working and running smoothly. Code::Blocks and Geany work without problem. I’ve installed lamp-server via tasksel. It looks like Qt isn’t available for ARM yet, not sure about Eclipse. Overall the hardware is beautiful and takes up so little space. Just waiting for the distros to catch up.