PHP sniffer

Dealing with a number of Joomla! websites which are constantly being hacked. Lousy support, lousy community. I wish they would make the lives of web developers easier and just make an End Of Life announcement already so we can go to our bosses and get away from that crap content management system. But in the meantime, you can use this script on your website to log any *.php files which mysteriously appear on your webserver. Just create a MySQL database table and run the script. If you want, you can replace theĀ echo $output; with some code to send you an email of suspicious files. The script will alert you until you either a) delete the new *.php files, b) add the full path to those files to the datbase of “good files”, or c) truncate the database table, run the script again, which is basically the same thing as option b. Here is the link: PHP sniffer